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From the Netherlands to Sweden

In 2017 I moved with my husband, Gunnar, and son from the Netherlands to Sweden. We had fallen in love with this country after a holiday and decided to give it a try for a year.

We were told the winter would be dark, cold and long so a hobby would be perfect to get trough this.

I always wanted to try to make these beautiful, shiny bonbons that I had seen on social media before.

As a gift, I got a starterskit and at work I could buy some good quality chocolate. I had no idea what I was doing but, my first bonbons were created.

In 2018 we bought our house and in the back was an empty storage, painted in orange, yellow and blue. Perfect for tools and a workshop for Gunnar. In the kitchen I kept testing and testing and had stuff everywhere. In 2019, Gunnar turned his workspace into a small chocolate studio for me. Here I had everything I needed and more. I could close the door and test as much as I wanted, fail and test even more. I sold my first boxes and could not believe what a succes they became. In 2019, we got our daughter and I had to put the production on hold. In 2020 my studio was expanded and in the beginning of 2021 I started my company, Göta Praliner! 

Here I am now, sharing my work with you all!

How it started: Over ons
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